Monbachtal – Black Forest

Monbachtal – Black Forest

Finally, I found some time to head-out for a small photographic excursion.

Got up at 6:00am and headed into the Monbachtal (near Bad Liebenzell) in the Black Forest. Getting there early will ensure most tourists are still in bed 😉

As it had not rained in the past weeks there was very little water unfortunately.

Pictures: Fujifilm X-T2

Update: June 4th I went back and it was raining since last night for a couple of hours. So there was much more water…

     The same shot a week later after it had rained since last night on June 4th:

The same shot (slightly different angle) on June 4th

And in colour:


And with more water after a couple of hours of rain on June4th:

With hardly any water…

And with much more water after a night of rain… at a slightly different angle though.