Adding textures to your pictures…

Adding textures to your pictures…

Easter 2015

After having started to read Robert Mertens “Kreative Bildgestaltung” and seeing some of his Venice shots,  I was interested in trying this out myself in order to see what effects you can create by adding different layers of the same or even different textures.
What I did with most of these pictures.  I used some freely available scratched metal textures and cement walls and added multiple layers of these on top of each other, sometimes also rotating them additionally so the look is not too uniformly.

To give some idea how the same picture and look slightly or very differently I added several version of some photos …

In order to develop ones own language here this also definitely takes some time and also more Photoshop knowledge than I have, but I have to admit that this is quite a lot fun as you have more or less no limits regarding one’s own creativity here.  Some shots I left in B&W, for some others I used the color photos.

Some more shots I placed in the gallery HERE

Again my favored composition 😉