Leica M (240) – first impressions

Leica M (240) – first impressions

After a couple of weeks being 9 feet below water, I got finally a change to take out the Leica M (240) which arrived yesterday at my doorstep.

Initial impressions:

  • Much better on/off switch. With the M9 I was able to unintentionally switch on/off the camera a couple of times, or it would move from “S” to “C” or even self-timer.
  • Shutter release button is also a lot better. The old wasn’t that smooth.
  • Shutter sound – great! Less noisy than with the M9. More a lower “clack”.
  • Battery life seems to have been definitely been improved. 50% left after 2 days and ~350 pictures.
  • I also like the new exposure metering methods, more reliable than the old “classic” one.
  • Quicker “C” Continous series mode.
  • Live view – while holding the camera I find that (at least with me) I am shaking way too much that the 10x zoom can be properly used with the rear monitor, especially in normal daylight.
  • To focus the Noctilux I now use the 1.4x magnifying eye piece which is doing a pretty good job. At least with me it helps; otherwise, had problems here and there.
  • As some reported hangs here and there, I haven’t run into this problem yet. With the M9 I had those from time to time.
  • Electronic view finder: Olympus LV-2 also works, instead of the Leica EVF which is more than double the price.
    Works well with the live view 10x zoom function.
  • Video? Don’t need it 😛

No scientific test or direct comparison against the M9P (which will go very soon). While going out for a nice stroll to enjoy the weather, I simply kept shooting along (not too much planning was involved today)  😉


Some impressions from today’s tour can be found HERE.


PS: spot the birds nest(s)? How many are there…

025-1011 2013-05-11 Felder M240

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  1. Andreas

    Hi David, sounds like they improved quite a lot of details! That’s great! I wanted to check out the impressions, but when I click the link a new site opens but nothing loads. There might be an error with the gallery or link. Have a great Sunday! Andreas

    • admin

      Hi Andreas,
      once again the problem was in front of the computer… gallery is now working.
      Have a good remaining Sunday as well! David

  2. Robert

    Hi David, nice shots again plus thanks for you M-Update. I’m still with the M9 and will definitely wait and see what’s up with the announced M Mini…Best from Hanover, Robert

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