I truly had high hopes that winter, this dismal & depressing time of year would be finally over … well, not yet … When I drew the curtains back this morning it reminded me of late November or December, anything but March. It was bloody foggy … Simply perfect weather to get out and take some photos 😀

Remembering the Creative Composition Workshop I visited with the tips and tricks from Andreas Martin, I tried to slow down, check many more different angles and  work on my composition, hopefully with some success 🙂

Some impressions from today’s tour can be found HERE.

B&W convertion was most of the time done with Silver Efex 2. With B&W there is way more atmosphere I think in the pictures, at least in my eyes. One or two photos are identical just with different toning. Changes the mood quite a lot.


018-1006 2013-03-22

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  1. Robert

    David, excellent, love the pictures here. I also do some stuff in Silver Efex Pro – sometimes actually a lot of extra effort plus huge files, but worth it.

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