Leica Monochrom (246) with 50mm APO 1st shots

Leica Monochrom (246) with 50mm APO 1st shots

Yesterday, the new 246 Monochrom arrived. Unfortunately, I have to do all the mid-year reviews for my team. Therefore, only had time today for a quick walk behind our house.  Sharpness is really amazing with this combination.

Ability of this camera is more limited by the photographer 😉

Gallery is HERE

Also had a chance yesterday to quickly test the new Leica Q at my dealer. Reminds me of the Fujifilm X100T but with the Leica typical build quality. First impression was really “wow”. Autofocus is super fast. The f-stop is nice and “clicky”, the EVF is also not bad at all. The additional grip is definitely recommended. Manual operation is also really elegant.

Some 100% crops (no sharpening) from today’s short walk:

001-1062 - 2015-06-21 Monochrom 246 - 50mmAPO

002-1062 - 2015-06-21 Monochrom 246 - 50mmAPO

003-1062 - 2015-06-21 Monochrom 246 - 50mmAPO

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