No more snow….!

No more snow….!

well, spring isn’t here fully yet, but at least we have no more snow 🙂

Bugger… got a Tinnitus over the weekend… but the medication is working so far. The doctor recommended at least two walks each day to wind down and relax. Some impressions from today’s walk across our fields and the neighboring woods. It was very sunny, though pretty windy. The photos I converted with Silver Efex Pro 2.

The gallery can be found HERE.

005-1004 2013-03-19 Spaziergang Frühling Döffingen

Andreas posted a good article: what is the difference between an amateur and a professional photographer?
The full article can be found here. This is so true. Very often I catch myself doing this. For the above shot of the old shed I slowed down and tried a couple of angles, trying to find out what works best. I liked this photo best.


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    • admin

      Thank you Andreas for your good wishes! Yes, this definitely helps, going through some books and video trainings now 🙂
      Already looking forward to attending the available light course.

  1. Robert

    Thank you for the “No more snow” pictures! That gives us hope in Northern Germany 😉 although Hannover is w/o snow also but in North Frisia there is still some.
    Very nice shots, I like the ones of the the old barn best – plus shooting with the Nocti helps relaxing and getting well…

  2. Joy Villa

    David! Great article, full of your unique view and voice. I like the photos very much, they carry some mystery to them, and the snow is…FALLING still! hehe I’ll be happy to see some sunshine as well, but in the meantime, you get better and keep writing…because we are all reading it! Love, *Joy*

    • admin

      Thanks Joy for your very kind words! Yes, further up north it is still pretty bad. Must feel like being in Siberia….brrrr… BTW loved Thorsten’s travel report from Qatar! Fantastic photos!

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